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After trying and trying to use Album Plus x1 through x4 and always failing to make it work for me. I purchased the new Photo Stack program in hopes that it would have addressed the issues that Album Plus had, from version to version. The biggest problem was how it handled file types and huge amounts of images. My directory's have tens of thousands of images, both photos and graphic files. I want to be able to load and sort these massive collections so I can more easily access my files when I need to find something. Out of the gate I selected My Picture directory and the program crashed over and over stumbling on EPS files. I removed then and the program finished with 25k worth of files. But I need access to the original EPS file once I find the JPG that I am looking for. I wanted to just send an email to the Serif team to let them know but found no way to do so on their site. They don't seem to want to talk to their customers since they make it very hard to contact them.


Aha - somebody who has a similar history with this software to myself! It is disappointing to find that Photostack is still very choosy about what file formats it will manage. In my case it will not handle scanned images. However, having methodically removed all of these (plus AVI and MPG), I find Photostack a delight to work with and very stable. I really like the easy interface with Google Maps to geotag photos not tagged by the camera. If Serif could make this software a little more robust it would be fabulous!

What format are the scanned images? I normally use .TIF and PhotoStack has no problem with those. What bit depth, etc?

Hi GG The unacceptable scan files are .jpg but I suspect that the programme doesn't like the EXIF information, which is obviously not the same as from a camera.

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