WebPlus X7 Release Date

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I presume the new sale price for WebPlus X6 is due to the upcoming (and much needed) release of X7. However, has an actual release date been given yet? I've had a look around and can't seem to find anything.


Not likely to be known until it is released.

We sometimes get a few days notice, just wondered if I has missed anything... glad to hear I haven't.

Thanks :)

I've been a user for a long time and haven't seen Serif post a release date in advance. Perhaps you are amongst the lucky few.

When DrawPlus and PagePlus were released (both on a Monday I believe), I somehow knew on the Friday of the upcoming release. I'm certain I read it on the site somewhere lol... either that or I'm losing it :)

Serif may not officially post release dates in advance, but there have been numerous instances of users posting to the forums to say that a Serif sales rep mentioned the date of a forthcoming release. Amazon listings often indicate 'available from' dates.

Peejay, as you say for DrawPlus X6 and PagePlus X7 we ran email pre-launch campaigns before the official release. The last thing those pre-launch campaigns did was pre-announce the launch date, but this was only done a few days before the official release.

There has been no such pre-launch campaign for WebPlus X7 yet. (if you assume that we would run a similar campaign again...) You may draw your own conclusions.

In other words, no you've missed nothing, as mjh implied.

When you installed WebPlus Starter Edition, you chose to install the WebPlus toolbar and search engine that was offered with it.
enter image description here

You can uninstall the toolbar by following these steps (we'll get this article moved to CommunityPlus eventually):

You can change your home page and your default search at any time as well, the steps required to do so will depend on which browser you are using. Refer to the documentation for your browser if you don't know how to do this.

I assume I know what your abbreviations stand for, if I'm right then I must point out that swearing is swearing regardless of whether you abbreviate it or not. We ask that all users keep a polite demeanour to their posts, please refrain from using inappropriate language.

In other words, no you've missed nothing, as mjh implied.

Thanks Patrick and everyone else. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. :)

When Amazon have an area ready you'll know something is happening.

James W

Looking forward to X7's release ooooh. Feel the tension.

On the website of the software provider Easy Computing you can find the following message: WebPlus X6 zal niet in het Nederlands verschijnen. WebPlus X7 (verwacht najaar 2013) zal wel weer vertaald worden. (Webplus X6 will not be translated into Dutch. Webplus X7 - expected autumn 2013 - will again be translated). http://www.easycomputing.com/pc-esd-download-serif-webplus-x6-uk-html.html

Usually Serif releases an upgrade/New version every year around April/May like other softwares. Xara for example.

I have been using Serif or even if not, I have all their major Softwares (including previous versions:

  1. Serif Webplus up to Webplus X 6
  2. Movie plus X6
  3. PhotoplusX6
  4. Pageplus 5

    5.Drawplus X6

It's a shame that it has been lagging behind and keep us lurching.

With 3 months ending and probably another upgrades coming in 6 months, (hope so!) I hope it will be worthwhile to upgrade .... unless, it will be by next year!

It has been 3 months now that this threat was posted and it was assumed that the release would come soon. I guess it won't take long now... CMS is now in the Serif Web Resources but can be improved. But this is not something part of WebPlus.

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