Serif (Europe) Ltd. is announcing the release of an update for the English Language CraftArtist Professional 2 (build number

The main purpose of the build is to resolve issues discovered since the master of CraftArtist Professional 2 Ver 2.0.1 for which we apologise. As well as a number of minor fixes, this update addresses the following issues.

Brush Tool Improvements

You can use the brush tool with much less chance of picking up and editing an existing brush stroke (changing your brush in the process) Currently a single click on an existing unseleted stroke selects it. A double click selects it and adds a node. A single click on a selected stroke does nothing and a double click on a selected stroke adds a node. Instead, a single click on an existing stroke should do nothing and a double click on an unselected stroke should select it. Once the stroke is selected behaviour can be as before. In order to add a node you will have to double click twice.

Stencil Clipping Improvements

Multiple stencils can now be placed and all of them brushed over. Old behaviour to clip to the outside of each individual stencil remains with CTRL pressed. Any newly drawn objects that don't overlap the Stencil should be excluded from the clip.


  • Crash when using copy page twice on facing page document

  • Crash when using copy page twice with "copy object" selected

  • Selecting multiple objects in layers tab when layer is hidden crashes program

  • Revert Project (File menu) can leave CraftArtist in an unusable state

  • Stack corruption when resizing quickshapes with 3D Bump or Pattern Map applied.

  • Insert Image: Crash in 64bit build when attempting to insert a corrupt supported file type

  • Knife tool: hanging app creating closed curve

  • C++ runtime error - Created Graphic Style from existing style

  • 'delete swatch' in the digikit creator causes crash

  • Error message then app hang with .pack files that have a space at the end of their file name

  • Crash when loading a Digikit from Digikit Creator and brushes tab is visible.


  • 3D Pattern Map display gives unusual results with gaps

  • Applying blur Filter Effect to an object with high saturation on its fill causes rendering errors

  • Copy and Paste not precise - snapping when it should not.

  • Gradient Transparencies applied to lines do not get transformed.

  • Background Pages not snapping to size

  • Saving during solo mode saves out with extra unintended groups

  • Rule of thirds grid context toolbar choose colour broken

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Inflate setting in Cutout Studio (vector) doesn't work, breaks the cutout

  • Generate palette: Cancel not cancelling within a reasonable time frame

  • Image Export Leaves too much space around object when “feather effect” applied

  • Convert to Pictures wrongly moves item up Layer Tab

  • Export as Picture to full USB memory stick, 0 byte file created. No error message

  • Cannot deselect a layer once a group has been deleted.

  • Text on a curve - reopening gives reset message and can alter text.

  • Background layer changes after changing Page Sizes, Layout and then undoing.

  • Export as Picture now defaults to Last Used Export Folder

  • Fill editor 'More Colours' does not work.

  • SVG files with Bitmaps open incorrectly.

  • When remaximising a minimised window in Windows 7, it moves the window

Also all issues fixed in the last update

Also included in this 2.0.2 patch is a new category of stencils/punches called "Borders" for you to use and enjoy.

We would recommend that users of CraftArtist Professional 2 English UK or English US, download and install this update. The German patch will follow soon and this issue will be updated. Serif recommend that updating should be done within the program, by using the "Check for update from web" option in the Help Menu. This will always get any available update for your version of Serif software and install it too.

To work out if you need this update choose "About CraftArtist" in the help menu and if the version number is or less and you are running an English UK or English US version then you need this update. Helpfully the software checks for updates the first time it runs. So for those yet to install the software, the latest update will always be found on first use, if needed.

If you are not able to run the software to get the automatically chosen patch, then all recent patches are also available to download manually from the software updates page.

Technical Info:

English UK 64-bit

  • Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-GB_2.0.2.028_64_Patch-Setup
  • Size: 29.8 MB (31,288,816 bytes)
  • Date/Time: 07 October 2013, 10:25:24
  • Digital Signature: Yes
  • MD5: BD4F2632A3599A3A22FA6B3D13FBA204

English UK 32-bit

  • Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-GB_2.0.2.028_Patch-Setup.exe
  • Size: 28.6 MB (30,043,632 bytes)
  • Date/Time: 04 October 2013, 15:42:39
  • Digital Signature: Yes
  • MD5: 61521E9DCAC27CB3EA7E8EA49F342436

English US 64-bit

  • Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-US_2.0.2.028_64_Patch-Setup.exe
  • Size: 27.6 MB (29,036,016 bytes)
  • Date/Time: 07 October 2013, 10:12:52
  • Digital Signature: Yes
  • MD5: 239A2C3BBFA546B6A6A410F63BB66AD4

English US 32-bit

  • Filename: CraftArtist-2-en-US_2.0.2.028_Patch-Setup.exe
  • Size: 26.4 MB (27,786,736 bytes)
  • Date/Time: 07 October 2013, 09:58:20
  • Digital Signature: Yes
  • MD5: A73CD9CBF0F05701CBC770C02D290281

German 64-bit

  • Filename CraftArtist-2-de-DE_2.0.2.028_64_Patch-Setup.exe
  • Sorry, not presently available.

German 32-bit

  • Filename CraftArtist-2-de-DE_2.0.2.028_Patch-Setup.exe
  • Sorry, not presently available.


I see that the German patches are not presently available, but there is no mention of new patches for the French versions of the program. Are they still to follow, or aren't there going to be any?
Alfred. What French version of the program? Have you been localizing software off your own back if so feel free to make a patch ;) as Serif have not localized CraftArtist 2 Professional into French.
LOL, Patrick. That would explain it! I just assumed that CA2 would be available in both French and German, like other recent Serif titles. However, on reviewing the contents of my CraftArtist 2 DVD, I see that it doesn't even have the German version on there.

Have German patches for build of CA2 ever been released?

Have German patches for build of CA2 ever been released?

No, nor is there any demand afaik. I do not think many bought the 2.0.1 DE version.

Thanks, Patrick. I wondered about it when I saw that you had posted "Sorry, not presently available." as if it was on the way. (I returned to this thread because someone has posted elsewhere about exchanging their English version for the German one.)

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