Looking for an easy and affordable way to get online? See what Web User has to say about Serif’s new powerful website designer.

WebPlus X7, which launched in November, has already bagged itself a 4* review in one of the UK’s favourite technology magazines – Web User.

The magazine was keen to take a look at the new website designer after awarding its predecessor, WebPlus X6, the Gold Award in a past feature testing some of the top website designers on the market.

Andy Shaw, Web User’s Reviews Editor, took a look at WebPlus X7 in one of their recent issues of the magazine.* In his review he was particularly impressed with the range of features on offer and commended the program for being easy-to-use and powerful.

“Serif’s WebPlus X7 produces great-looking results. Its WYSIWYG interface lets you get on with positioning text and images on the page because all the complex behind-the-scenes work of creating an HTML5 site is done for you.” On the whole the website designer was awarded a fantastic 5 out of 5 for its features, and 4 out of 5 for performance, ease of use and value for money.

Go to www.serif.com/webplus to find out more about how the amazing WebPlus X7 can help you quickly and easily get online.

Out every fortnight, Web User is an indispensable guide to everything that’s brilliant and new online. It’s packed with powerful free software, fantastic new websites, superb add-ons and must-have apps, plus advanced tips revealing how to make PCs, tablets and phones work better. It’s written in jargon-free, plain English, so everyone can understand it. Find out more here www.webuser.co.uk

*Web User Magazine 28th November 2013


Was the review done before or after the many 10s of bugs in the code?

Andy Shaw obviously did not try and use it!

Wow!!!! If anything would put you off buying that magazine that review would. I have every faith that we will eventually get a working WebPlus X7 but as of now it is virtually unuseable and certainly not ready for production work!!!!

Jim said:

WebPlus X7 as of now it is virtually unusable and certainly not ready for production work!

It really is ready for production work after the first patch — I have already uploaded a working site, but YMMV — it depends on which features you use.

Magazine reviews rarely test any product thoroughly, so you have to take them with a generous pinch of salt. If Serif's beta testing didn't find all the bugs, then the few hours by some over-worked reviewer is unlikely to find them.

What they review is the interface, feature set, and price/performance — hardly an exhaustive test. You should listen to experienced users like BrianE who review a product that they have used extensively in previous versions. My own review is little more than a brief overview of the feature set. I am relatively inexperienced using WebPlus, though I have used PagePlus for well over a decade, and the two programs have a great deal in common.

Edited: to fix link to my WPX7 site.

I have already uploaded a working site

Yes for such design X7 is perfect (any other web editor would too). But we were used to be provided better software. For now, X7 is absolutely out of time.

Thanks Bhikkhu,

Yes, thinking about it, Andy Shaw probably reviewed what X7 was SUPPOSED to do rather than what it ACTUALLY does so there is the "delta". (A software reviewer should be a little more streetwise than that, though.... wouldn't you think?)

Also, I reserved my comments till after the first "patch" which I installed a couple of days ago.

But don't get me wrong. I am a HUGE fan of SERIF software and have all their titles on my system. It just that the features I was so looking forward to in WebPlus X7 (particularly around the inclusion of HTML5 video) are just so DISAPPOINTING!

Oh well, I live in hope and, at the moment, am viewing my payment for WebPlus X7 as a deposit on software that will hopefully be delivered sometime in the middle of next year!!!!

It really is ready for production work after the first patch — I have already uploaded a working site,

Great example Bhikkhu - the bottom of your new site gets cut off. One of the current bugs, no doubt.

But this post was wholly inappropriate and horribly timed, given the plethora of complaints. It seems so like an obvious ploy to divert attention and confuse newbies who might somehow buy into the notion that Serif did a great job because they got an award, while the other umpteen complaints are wrong.

Surely this post could and should have come after the second patch, when the product reaches its own hype.

Great example Bhikkhu - the bottom of your new site gets cut off. One of the current bugs, no doubt

I'm seeing all the text of that page, just the descenders of the final line are clipped by Chrome & the similar Opera 18. That might be because I have chosen to use larger or different fonts in my web browsers: Something which often disrupts webpages which use "absolute positioning"; as all recent versions of WebPlus have done.

Actually Richard, in FireFox and Safari, the last two lines of text, with such pearls of wisdom as "that users are still reporting, many months after the release of WPX5. Experienced WebPlus users seem to be coping OK, but someone migrating from another product might have problems adjusting", get cut off.

But that wasn't my point, and I'm sorry my sarcasm wasn't more evident.

There is a lot of ranting and raving going on, and Serif, in the person of Patrick, are handling it gracefully and graciously. To wave an award in everyone's face right now is insulting.

Actually Richard, in FireFox and Safari, the last two lines of text...

I don't bother to open most WebPlus websites using my Firefox, because it is modified to suit my needs and to make web browsing more comfortable. Often I use specially modified chrome in Firefox, which substitutes my choices of fonts, font sizes and colours in place of those provided by the website and/or replaces specific CSS with my preferred settings.

Firefox on this PC is reasonably standard, but I have changed the fonts & sizes etc. Also, it has the "NoSquint" extension which does several clever things.

All this is to explain why my Firefox will almost always "break" WebPlus websites; not only websites made with WPx7. So I actually lose the last third of that long webpage.


Great example Bhikkhu - the bottom of your new site gets cut off. One of the current bugs, no doubt

No cut-off here in any browser, but then I noticed this in the page header:

<meta name="Generator" content="Serif WebPlus X5">

So now I'm a tad confused. Perhaps the X7 page is being worked on.

bobschecter wrote:

Great example Bhikkhu - the bottom of your new site gets cut off. One of the current bugs, no doubt

It would have helped if I had posted the link to my WPX7 site as intended. Excuse me, I am not used to this forum's code yet.

However, I don't see any text cut off on my WPX5 site that I originally linked to by mistake either. I have left ample space at the bottom of the long text frame to avoid the problems discussed in this Serif Forum thread about text frames looking different in different browsers. I use Opera 11.64 to preview my sites, and occasionally check them in Firefox. I see that SRWare Chrome Iron has problems at 100%, but yes we're getting off course here.

bobschecter wrote:

Sorry, didn't mean to veer off course or insult, but here is a screenshot nevertheless.

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