Applies to: CraftArtist 2, PhotoPlus X6, DrawPlus X6, PagePlus X7, WebPlus X7

64-bit Serif applications do not provide the TWAIN scanning feature.

PhotoPlus X7, DrawPlus X8, WebPlus X8 and PagePlus X8 support 64-bit TWAIN scanning.

Workaround 1

We recommend using the supporting scanning software supplied with your scanner (if it offers 64-bit support). In your Serif application, import your scanned image from its saved location onto your page. For PhotoPlus and DrawPlus you can open the scanned image from the initial Startup Wizard.

If you don't like using the supplied scanning software or are experiencing problems with it, you can use Workaround 2.

Workaround 2

Install the 32-bit version of your application as described in Install the 32-bit version of a Serif application on a 64-bit computer.

Follow the instructions relating to your Serif application below:

  • In CraftArtist Professional 2:
    Select Insert > Photo > TWAIN.

  • In PhotoPlus X6:
    Select File > Import > Select Source, then File > Import > Acquire.

  • In DrawPlus X6:
    Select Insert > Picture > TWAIN > Select Source, then Acquire from the same submenu.

  • In PagePlus X7:
    Select Insert > Picture > TWAIN > Select Source, then Acquire from the same submenu.

  • In WebPlus X7:
    Select Insert > Picture > TWAIN > Select Source, then Acquire from the same submenu.


Does not work, can't close it (even by taskmanager) and have to reboot to use my PC. When using file import aquire "server busy" retry etc and you cant close the software as stated previously. Not a very good product at all I wish I had stuck with my previous versions.
@Peter: What Serif product are using? Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
Same problem here, thought I was installing the scanner wrongly but after reading this it seems not. I look forward to a patch arriving soon!
Wow, I purchased Webplus X7 and I am surprised that this critical bug is still around over a year and three months. I have an Epson V500 with 64bit working under Windows 8. It works fine with twain in Paintshop Pro X6, so I know it is possible, but in Webplus, nothing happens when attempting to either select twain or acquire an image. Ehy did you leave the menu item in the 64 bit version if you know it does not work ?
We have no plans to patch this functionality into our 64-bit builds of CA2, PhPX6, DPX6, WPX7 and PPX7, as for some users it does work. We are trying to address it in future 64-bit releases by using a completely different apprach using the 32 bit drivers that most manufacturers support and calling those drivers from within the 64 bit build. This is more complicated than it sounds requiring considerable re-engineering.
For this reason it is unlikely to be possible to put this functionality into our already released applications. The reason the option has been left in our 64-bit builds is that there are a few compliant genuine 64-bit drivers out there that mean this option does work for some users, and we hoped that more drivers would be written but that is not really happening.
If you have other software that can scan it is likely to be native 32-bit software running on your 64-bit OS. That is what this article is suggesting will work for you, simply installing the other bit-depth supplied with your purchase. CA2, PhPX6, DPX6, PPX7 and WPX7 are all supplied with 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Sorry about breaking this reply up, but there seems to be a 100 char limit!
I can't get my computer to contact the scanner at all! I get error messages about it not being able to initialise the scanner(works ok with the printer which is part of the same machine... HP PhotoSmart C5280 All-in-One.). My laptop is running Windows 8.1. I just bought PagePlus X7 and PhotoPlus X6 and PhotoZoom, and none of them can activate the scanner; and it's the same with 'Windows Fax & Scan' I've followed ALL the suggestions on the support site until I met myself coming back!! HELP!!
@Andrew: If Windows Fax & Scan is unable to use your scanner, I would suggest that you reinstall the scanner drivers. If this doesn't resolve your issue, please contact HP. Hope this helps.
I have upgraded from pp6 to pp7My operating system is Windows 7 and I have an HP Photosmart 6510 all in one printer scanner.The scanner works fine with pp6 and all previous versions.With pp7 ( 64 bit) the scanner is not recognised-why? I have just downloaded your latest Patch and I was hoping that you had solved the problem,but no it still does not work.This is quite disappointing and I have retained my previous version to cope with any scanning work, but I shouldn't need to.Anthony Leic
Anthony, have you read this article? you do not need to retain your old version, simply install the 32-bit version of PagePlus to support your 32-bit scanner drivers on your 64-bit OS.
The answer from technical support is to load the 32 versions of Drawplus and and PagePlus. Why have a 64 bit computer then? I used to swear by Serif software but now I'm beginning to wonder. As I have already stated there is no problem with MS Word 7 and other apps.
Has this issue been resolved in PagePlus X8? Webplus and Pageplus X7 were such a massive disappointment I am reluctant to upgrade if such basic problems have not yet been resolved.
@HMK: Yes! PagePlus X8 supports 64-bit scanning support.
Note that on Paint Shop Pro X6 - X64, the twain does not work either. However, they provide an alternative "From Scanner or Camera" option under File -> Import that does work. Apparently they have found an internal work-around for the non-working twain.
Do you work on a bug fix for this?
@Sebastian: Patrick stated above that we have no plans to patch this functionality into our 64-bit builds of CA2, PhPX6, DPX6, WPX7 and PPX7, as for some users it does work.
I am very dissapointed to discover that I can't use my scanner with DrawPlus in 64 bit incarnation. I am even more dissapointed when I notice that this has been going on for two years. No-one warned that it would not work whey they took my money. I feel rather as though I have been done over. Again.
I can't believe that PagePlus x7 will not work my scanner also, like many of you, it does seem strange that there is no fix for it, I have tried 32 & 64 bit versions, the 32bit does try then locks up, I have just ordered the X8 the first thing i will try is the scanner if it still doesn't work then it will go straight back by return, I have the Canon MP640 which does work with all other packages but NOT with X7. Serif how can you release software that is not up to a standard.
This is certainly a backward step and like many others I would not have upgraded had I known the 64 bit driver would not work. This makes the program appear very poor indeed.

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